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At Inter Dental Staffing, we are dedicated to revolutionising the dental staff recruitment process within the United Kingdom’s NHS dental system. As a leading dental staff employment agency, we specialise in sourcing and
placing highly qualified dental professionals to meet the staffing needs of dental practices across the nation. 

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With years of experience in the industry, Inter Dental Staffing has built a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and personalized service.

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Our agency focuses exclusively on the NHS dental system, allowing us to develop indepth knowledge and expertise in navigating its complexities. We understand the specific requirements, regulations, and challenges that dental practices face within this framework.

Through our extensive network and partnerships, we have access to a diverse pool of talented dental professionals from around the world. We carefully screen and evaluate candidates to ensure they possess the necessary
qualifications, experience, and cultural fit to excel within the NHS dental system

We streamline the recruitment process for dental practices, saving them valuable time and resources. Our dedicated team handles every aspect, from candidate sourcing and screening to immigration assistance and onboarding, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both clients and candidates.

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